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Americana, Anywhere USA, Auto Shop, Commercial, Garage, Private, Vintage
1920s, 1960s, autobody, car bay, car repair, mechanic shop, oil change shop, vintage

About This Location

Vintage Car Repair Shop in Los Angeles This car repair shop was built in the 1920’s. The current owner’s Dad installed a bay in the 1960’s, still in operation today and perfect, if you are looking for an authentic vintage look. The shop also has many original tools and props onsite. The parking lot is pristine and the owner kindly requests that productions keep that in mind and protect it from unnecessary damage through heavy equipment.


Layout board/plywood is required under ANY and ALL heavy equipment. Some parking is available on the parking lot for smaller projects. Extra street parking for trucks, motor homes etc. is available, but has to be permitted through Film LA. Need extra crew parking? We are happy to suggest some parking lots in close proximity to the location.


Rates vary and depend on the type of your project, size of your crew and hours needed to complete your project. Film/photo permits and detailed information can be obtained through Film LA.