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1Fab Location proudly showcases film-friendly locations in and around Los Angeles, California.

The inspiration is our love for Architecture, Film and Photography and our deep respect and admiration for all the wonderful people, that make the industry what it is. Our 1Fab work ethic is second to none and the attention to detail truly sets us apart.

We added a dash of “News & Reviews” to bring you 1Fab Location.

Film-friendliness is our priority and we proudly work with professional and seasoned Magazine Editors, Location Managers/Scouts, Producers and Production Companies.

Taking our time in selecting the perfect location is most important to us. Once all film-friendly criteria are met, we will happily post your property. Our team will research the streets leading up to the properties, the parking available in the immediate neighborhood and will regularly confer with the appropriate film permit offices to get the latest up-to-date info.

We believe, that in the age of tech, much gets “lost in translation” these days and more person-to-person interaction is vital to assure a successful, stress-free shoot or event for all.

We charge a lower fee than most agencies and after a successful shoot, we are happy to refund 10% of our fee back to the client.

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The team is fluent in English, Spanish, German and French, if needed.