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Film Office

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About This Location

This sleek, warm restaurant in Los Angeles has concrete floors, has great natural light and lots of floor to ceiling windows/doors that allow for views onto street and the exterior patio area. As you are standing at the counter, you have a direct view into the stainless kitchen. The restaurant is located in a small shopping center, thus offering some parking, if arrangements are made in advance. Both, the side and main street can be permitted for larger projects.


Layout board/mats are required under ALL equipment and in ALL high traffic areas. Furniture pads are suggested to protect counters and tables, if not used in a shot. Some parking is available at the location, if prior arrangements are made. Larger productions can permit the main street as well as the side street.


Rates depend on the size of the crew, the type of project and the hours required. This is a working restaurant, shooting during off hours would be priced a bit lower. Permits can be applied for at Film L.A.