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Architectural, Commercial, Desert, Hotels, Kitchens, Mid-Century Modern, Motel, Pools, Private, Residential, Vintage
desert, hospitality, mid-century modern, motels, pools

About This Location

This lovingly restored, intimate Mid-Century Modern hotel in the desert is located near Palm Springs. The clean design is a testament to the vision of the era’s architects. The 5 apartments are perfectly furnished with original pieces; the kitchens are simply beautiful. This is truly a magical place to shoot. The pool area’s design pairs perfectly with the beautiful desert background. Open desert terrain on all four sides of the property is also available at this location, perfect for your next car shoot.


ANY and ALL interior floors need to be protected with mats, no exception. Layout board is required under any and all equipment and under all vehicles on the driveway. All interior surfaces have to be protected with clean furniture pads. Furniture and art can only be removed with permission from the owner or site rep. Kitchen counters have to be protected at all times. There is plenty of parking available for larger productions


Rates depend on the type of project, the size of the crew/cast and the days/hours needed. Permits can be applied for at The City of Palm Desert