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Architectural, Beach House, Modern, Residential, Rooftops
beach, beach house, cool staircase, modern, rooftop

About The Location

Elegant tri-level beach house, modern design, architectural details and vignettes, great furniture, stunning rooftop terrace with jacuzzi, white deck and super cool spiral staircase. The owner is really film-friendly and fun to work with.


Easy beach access, but shooting on the beach should be cleared with the permit office. Limited parking is available directly in front of the location and there is a large public parking lot close by. The house is also available for select special events. Layout board and/or mats are required in ALL high traffic areas, under ALL equipment and H&MU areas during productions. All delicate surfaces must be protected with furniture pads to help avoid damages.


Rates vary, depending on the type of project, size of the crew and hours required. Permits can be applied for at Film LA.