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About The Location

Shaped like a triangle, the park is surrounded by West Sunset Boulevard, North Canon Drive and North Beverly Drive. It is across the street (South Side of Sunset) from the Beverly Hills Hotel. It covers an area of 5 acres. The park was constructed in 1912 and dedicated in 1915, becoming the first public park in Beverly Hills.

In 1932, were made some scenes of the film Pack Up Your Troubles, with the famous couple Laurel & Hardy. It was called the Sunset Park until 1952, when it was renamed the Will Rogers Memorial Park in honor of Will Rogers, who served as the first Honorary Mayor of Beverly Hills from 1926 to 1928 and frequented the park often with his family. On May 18, 1957, a plaque was added to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Beverly Hills Garden Club. As explained on the plaque, it was rededicated in 1997, and renovated in 2005. In September 2014, the fountain was renamed the Margaret J. Anderson Fountain, in honour of the first owner of the Beverly Hills Hotel. In October 2014, 160 Beverly Hills Centennial Roses, a type of floribunda rose registered for the city’s centennial, were planted in the park. The dedication took place on October 5. The rose garden is the result of a donation from Dr Keith Zary, a rose breeder. (Credit: Wikipedia)


For film and/or photo permits, please contact the Beverly Hills Permit Office