Film Office

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Architectural, Commercial, Mid-Century Modern, Offices, Private
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Ab0ut The Location

This beautiful vintage office is located on the second floor of a Mid-Century Modern building and offers cubicles, several private offices, a conference room and an open kitchen.


Automatic double doors make it easy to carry/roll equipment into the location.
An elevator will help you to bring up lighter equipment, heavier pieces need to be carried up a staircase.
An area for video village, production and hair & make up is available, if needed. Layout boards and/or mats are required to protect interior floors in main traffic areas and have to be placed under ALL equipment and vehicles.

The driveway can hold several vehicles. All other vehicles need to be parked off-site, unless production is conducting a larger filming project and has a permit to park trucks on the street. We strongly suggest offering alternate parking for residents, if permitting surrounding streets. Most properties in the immediate neighborhood are rental properties and many of the tenants depend on street parking.