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About The Location

The parents of the current owner broke ground to build their dream house on the day that she was born, July 19, 1959.  They had selected the corner lot very specifically for its extraordinary city and ocean view, after having been shown all the available lots by the sales agent Morley Drury, who had been a famous pro football player. (In fact, Drury Lane, a little street that runs between Hillcrest and Loma Vista, is named after him.)  The Trousdale sales office was at the bottom of the hill, on Hillcrest Road, just inside the Trousdale gates, and was a very narrow structure where there is a bench now, on the East side of the street.

The home appeared in the Fall 1961 edition of The Architectural Digest.  The architect for the house was Lundberg, Armet & Davis (Glenn W. Lundberg, Director, Louis L. Armet & Eldon C. Davis, A.I.A.).  The interior was designed by famed iconic designers Cannel and Chaffin. The builder was Jack Lautenschlager.  The kitchen was done by St. Charles.

In 1980, the house was remodeled and a formal dining room, a second office, a “TV” room off the main living room, and an extended master bathroom with a room-sized walk-in closet and spa bathtub were added.  Adele Faulkner, a well-known and well-respected interior designer did the project.  At the time, one bedroom was turned into a mirrored “disco” sitting room, and, with its mirrored corner and metallic silver wallpaper on the walls and ceiling, it is really quite spectacular and remarkable.  The incredible terrazzo floors of the living area, were, however, preserved.

The area was home to a plethora of celebrities including, among others, Elvis and Priscilla Presley, whose dogs got out and knocked me over in my driveway when I was little, precipitating an angry call to Elvis from my mother, Dinah Shore, George Montgomery, Danny Thomas, Barbara Stanwyck, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, President Richard Nixon, Groucho Marx, Angie Dickinson, Tony Curtis and his actress wife Janet Leigh, etc. etc. etc.  The area is enjoying a renaissance, and is currently home to a variety of notable people once again.
A little interesting tidbit: The current owner’s father was a hotel/motel developer and broker, and was instrumental in starting the Travelodge hospitality chain.  Her mother was a prominent Beverly Hills Realtor. Both parents were extremely philanthropic.


Layout board or mats are required under all equipment and in all high traffic areas. The driveway can hold several cars, even a motorhome. For small projects, street parking is allowed directly in front/on the side of the residence as well. The Owners also make their driveway available as a catering driveway for projects, that are shooting in the neighborhood.


For larger projects, call Greystone Park @ 310.285.6835 or Mark Issari @ 310-266-5055 in West Hollywood. Both are available for additional crew/truck parking, if needed.