Film Office

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Contemporary, Garage, Kitchens, Pools, Private, Residential, Traditional, Views
basketball court, contemporary, pool, Traditional, treehouse

About The Location

The location sits on 1.3 acres, butts up against the Santa Monica Mountains and has the most incredible valley views. The beautiful pool area, gazebo and viewing platform are perfect for weddings and special events. The house has 5 bedrooms and 4 really nice bathrooms, perfect for a reality show. The living area is bright with high ceilings, has marble floors( mats are highly recommended) and a dark wood staircase that leads to the second floor. The kitchen has great views into the backyard and pool area. There is a mini basketball court and a treehouse; and the garage has an area with a mini dance studio. The kind owner welcomes any type of production, including longterm reality shows and executive rental.


Layout board or mats are required under All equipment, under ALL vehicles and in ALL high traffic areas. Street parking in front of the property is ok. For more specific parking instructions and to apply for a permit, please contact Film LA.


Rates depend on the type of project, size of crew and hours needed.